Burdett and Associates Architecture, Inc., is committed to providing our Clients and Community the best in built-space design and client services.  Our focus is designing spaces and places that meet Client needs, provide users with engaging spaces, and maintain the highest standards in quality, delivery, and principles.


Our designs and work negotiate the crux of a variety of collaborating and often competing positions in the building environment:


Experience: B&A strives to make our design delightful and hospitable for our users, and provide extra thought to spaces and systems that engage the needs of the users


Economy: We are stewards of our client's and community's resources.  We work diligently to provide our designs that support our client's budgets and schedules, while meeting community and user rules and needs.


Environment: We are also stewards of our natural resources.  We strive to protects resources through reuse, reduction of resources, and recycling.  We are also committed to energy conservation and healthy indoor environments.  Many sustainable features also provide for a better experience in the built environment.


Equity: At B&A we understand our fiduciary responsibilities to the community.  We strive for safe, healthy, and accessible spaces.  We are committed to compliance with all governing rules, codes and laws. 

About b+a

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    David Burdett, AIA

    Since 2001, David has been in the Architecture profession, graduating with his Masters in Architecture from the University of Texas.  His work concentrates on commercial and public sector design and development.  His portfolio includes a wide variety of office, retail, restaurant, and ecclesiastical projects, both interior and full building design.


    Prior to Architecture, David was a graduate of the University of Detroit in 1987 with a BS in Management Information Systems.  He was an operation and network manager in a variety of defense and private sector data and telecommunication organizations.  There, he learned the importance of client-focus, and teamwork geared to client solution.


    David lives in Raleigh, and has two sons.  He is active with Scouting.

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    Senior Designer

    Greg Mondin

    Greg is a 1987 graduate of North Carolina State University School of Design, with a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture.

    Greg is a strong team player with varied experience in the design, construction, leasing and maintenance of buildings.  His portfolio includes millions of square feet of commercial office and retail design and construction management in the Triangle region.  He is adept at project leadership, communication and project management as well as developing and meeting the design objectives of our clients. 


    Greg is married with four daughters and enjoys spending with his family, hiking in the woods, playing guitar, running and working on his old cars.






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